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Injuries is exactly what the NY Knicks could not have happen in this 1st round match-up vs. the Boston Celtics. The NY Knicks injuries just keep piling up at the wrong time. In game 1 Chauncey Billups the NY Knicks veteran point guard injured his left knee, and Amar’e Stoudemire, the Knicks All-Star power foward, injured his back during game 2. Billups’ MRI came back with a strained tendon in his knee, and Stoudemire’s MRI came back with a pulled muscle. Mike D’Antoni said that he is optimistic that Amar’e will play but no so much Billups. Both players are listed as questionable and will be game time decisions. The latest injury report comes from yesterday at practice, Bill Walker, a key bench player for the NY Knicks, hurt his left hand on the rim while trying to block a shot. He report has been made on the status of Walker.